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Building the largest trucking ecosystem in the US

A scalable, innovative model that boosts efficiency and profitability for owners-operators.



Lease to own model, no down payment and no residual with no credit check Finance your truck’s maintenance Fuel Card Toll Pass Advance payment of your loads (factoring)


An AI platform that optimizes our driver’s earnings and safety.

Billor Copilot leverages the power of AI to help our drivers achieve their financial goals, find better loads and routes, increase road security, and ensure faster payments.

Freight and Fintech platform Discover Billor's advantages

The Billor ecosystem offers our drivers end-to-end support, allowing them to focus on what matters most: safety and efficiency. Here are some of the services available on our platform:

to Own*

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Lease your own truck with no down payment and no residuals. At the end of the leasing period the truck is 100% yours.

Maintenance Finance

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Truck drivers can access Billor's financial services to cover repairs and maintenance costs, bringing more predictability to their operations.

24/7 Support

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Billor support team is always available to the drivers of our platform. Drivers can access our support via chat or phone anytime anywhere.

Low-cost insurance

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Billor offers zero down payment and low-cost insurance plans, maximizing profits.

Dedicated Dispatch Team

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Our dedicated dispatch team provides personalized services to our drivers, offering access to the best loads based on the driver's preferred region and commodity.

Backup Truck

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Drivers on the Billor Ecosystem can access a backup truck when needed (subject to availability).

Freight Factoring

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There’s no additional cost to receive the payment for the loads you have successfully delivered. Billor will help you to get paid consistently every week.

Fuel Card and Toll System

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Get exclusive discounts on fuel and toll through our partners RTS and Bestpass.

Want to know more about Billor's programs?

If you are a truck driver with a CDL Class A, you can join our long-haul freight programs. Fill out the form below, and our team will contact you shortly.


Your safety, our commitment

Our commitment is to offer continuous support and advanced resources to protect our drivers at every stage of cargo transportation.
Truck Billor
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Personalized truck delivery and orientation
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Real-time road and cabin monitoring for added safety
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Weekly general reminders
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Bonus for clean inspections


We are the first transport company to neutralize 100% of carbon emissions in transported cargo, creating a culture of sustainability.

Press Release

Billor Launches To ‘Democratize’ Trucking For Independent Drivers

Billor is a platform for independent truckers aimed at improving their income and lifestyle

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Billor Fulfills the American Dream by Turning Truck Drivers into Entrepreneurs with Fintech and AI

Freight and Fintech Platform adds AI-Driven Billor CoPilot; Helps Truck Drivers Maximize Earnings While Ensuring Compliance With Safety Requirements; New CEO Adds Muscle to Executive Team

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Billor brings Silicon Valley executive and plans IPO by 2028

Having a replicable business model is every entrepreneur's dream, and Jardel Cardoso seems to have achieved it. After creating Versi , in 2014, and CredPago , in 2016, the entrepreneur replicated the ecosystem model of solutions for the cargo transportation market in the United States, with Billor . A year after its founding, the startup recently announced its new CEO, executive Vincent Goetten, formerly of TOTVS Labs , who was based in Silicon Valley, California, and is now planning his next steps with the intention of making his debut in Scholarship until 2028.

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Never be alone on the road to success. With Billor, you're part of a community that fuels your journey with support, technology, and freedom.


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Drivers on Billor’s platform can operate in the 48 continental states of the USA. We are committed to providing the most efficient Full Truck Load (FTL) and Over the Road (OTR) services to our clients, the truck drivers. They can also choose which trailer to operate.





Dry van

Dry van

Renato de

Lease owner operator

“I have been driving a truck in the US for over 4 years and I’ve never seen a value proposition for drivers like Billor’s. At Billor, I only worry about driving safely because I know they take care of everything else for me.”

Driver Renato


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